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12 Days of Smiles




Smiling is contagious and what better way to feel the Christmas spirit than sharing a smile and spreading it.

We will be doing a “12 Days of Smiles” challenge. We will have a specific task each day where we ask that you do a “selfie” with the challenge, post it on social media and tag us. Whoever does all 12 days will be entered into our grand prize drawing to win a $500 Amazon gift card. (Must pick up in person.)

The challenge will run star...

Choice and Consequence


There are two things we Americans value and protect: time and money. We seek to purchase goods for the least amount/best value for our money while also maximizing the most of our time. All of us here at Bailey Orthodontics value time and money just as much as anyone else. We all have busy family lives and are living on a budget. We've often shared with one another deals we've discovered and praise one another for our bargain finds and time savers. A common consequence, though, was while at the time we felt the high of feeling we outsmarted the system, it was often at the expense of sacrificing quality and in the end costing more time and money.

If there is one thing we are passionate about, ...

Don't Cha Wish You Had A Mom Like Meme?

We see all kinds of mothers enter our practice on a daily basis. Some are the birth mothers, grandmothers, we see aunts, foster moms, adoptive moms, and sometimes friend's moms who are helping a fellow mother out. We look forward to our interactions with you and the example of mothering you bring to our office. We laugh and cry with you. We find excitement in your celebrations and try to be a support and shoulder to lean on in your sorrows. We learn so much from you and are better because of you. We wish you all a very Happy Mothers Day.

We would be remiss if we failed to mention our own mothers on this day. To our life giver, first love, last hope, provider, healer, playmate, teacher, thera...

Dr. Bailey: A Biography of a Very Temporary Vegan

It's a well known fact around the office, Dr. Bailey has been on more diets than Star Wars and Harry Potter movies made...combined. So, when we walked in the office January 8th to the big announcement that "I've gone vegan," the jokes went flying. Don't worry, they were well deserved. Anytime someone decides to take up a new diet plan here in the office, he heckles. Immediately, dates were predicted of how long he would make it with the longest being three days. To add a little pressure to him we thought we would let a few referring dental offices in on the predictions with the promise that whoever came closest to the day he fell off the wagon, Dr. Bailey would supply lunch.

Miraculously eno...

Work Hard, Play Hard


There are countless reasons we love working at Bailey Orthodontics, but two of those reasons would be that:

1. We enjoy our work and give our all to the practice AND...

2. We also know how and when to have fun, laugh, play, and truly enjoy one another as employees and friends.

Over the next year, we will give you a look in on the good, the better, and the best times we have in the office via social media.

This year particularlly, we are going to be recgonizing the not-so-recognized national days in the calendar year i.e. - National Disc Jockey Day, National Pie Day, National Bubble Gum Day, etc. as a way to let loose and have some fun using apps like Dubsmash, MuStar, and Musical.ly. And sinc...

Brace Your Elfs...For Our Worst Christmas Stories


We've all experienced it. Christmases that didn't go quite as planned. Bailey Orthodontics staff is no exception. Each of us have had our not so fond memories of this holiday and are sharing them today. So, if this year doesn't live up to the hype, remember, you're not alone.

Dr. Bailey: 2 years ago, I was on a 16-hour flight to Australia. I was suffering on the double decker plane with food poisoning. I demanded no other passenger use the lavatory which became my permanent seat for the remaining 7 hours. I did not have my seatbelt fastened nor was I in an upright position.

Haylee: When I was little, I got a remote control plane as a Christmas gift. I was so excited. My dad wanted to ope...

The Complexities of a 47 Year Old Man


Happy Birthday to Dr. Bailey! We made a collage based off a birthday questionnaire we administered to him. Find out what it all means here:

1. What was your favorite toy as a child?

Big Wheel

2. What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?


3. Name the strangest talent you have:

I have a plethora of useless facts stored in my brain.

4. If you could choose the last meal you would ever eat, what would it be?

Filet, sauteed mushrooms, wedge salad, and creme brulee.

5. Do you have any strange phobias?


6. If you were given a million dollars to spend selfishly, what would you buy?

First class round the world trip.

7. Biggest pet peeve:

Birthday questionnaires

8. What is the first me...

Bailey Orthodontics: Traditionally Untraditional


Happy Thanksgiving to our patients, friends, families and community! This holiday presents the perfect opportunity to remember and express what we are grateful for. We asked the girls and Dr. Bailey to share what they were thankful for, getting very similar answers: family, friends, health. The Typical traditional answers. So we decided to share our untraditional things we are grateful for... luxuries the average American takes for granted each and every day.

Michele--- Days off and men in uniform.

Zhetannah--- Fake eyelashes, squats, and Game of Thrones.

Karen--- Thrifty ice cream while watching Netflix.

Brenna--- Spark notes and vacations where your parents pay the bills.

Alyssa--- Free ...

High School Highlights

We get a little jealous when we see our patients come to the office dressed up in all sorts of garb who have been participating in their Spirit Week at school.

So jealous, in fact, that here at Bailey Orthodontics, while many of our patients have Fall Break this week, we will be doing OUR very OWN Spirit Week!!! The best part? You can come in dressed for OUR Spirit Week and earn rewards points!!!

As a refresher from our posts on social media:


To prepare themselves for this week, we asked staff about their favorite memory from high school. Below were their responses:

Dr. Bailey: "I was in choir and was a baritone. I stood in the back row. My teacher couldn't see well so I would take an extra l...

Smile! Let Us See Your Pink!


October is breast cancer awareness month. Have you ever wondered how the pink ribbon came about to symbolize breast cancer awareness?

According to the Maurer Foundation, the history of using a ribbon as a token of remembrance can be traced back to the 19th century. During this time, women may have worn yellow ribbons to remember loved ones serving in the military. The musical act Dawn, featuring Tony Orlando, again brought this practice to the forefront with their 1973 hit “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree.” Many Americans took this to heart during the Iran hostage crisis, tying yellow ribbons around their trees as tributes to loved ones who were being held hostage. As...