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Dr. Bailey: A Biography of a Very Temporary Vegan

It's a well known fact around the office, Dr. Bailey has been on more diets than Star Wars and Harry Potter movies made...combined. So, when we walked in the office January 8th to the big announcement that "I've gone vegan," the jokes went flying. Don't worry, they were well deserved. Anytime someone decides to take up a new diet plan here in the office, he heckles. Immediately, dates were predicted of how long he would make it with the longest being three days. To add a little pressure to him we thought we would let a few referring dental offices in on the predictions with the promise that whoever came closest to the day he fell off the wagon, Dr. Bailey would supply lunch.
Miraculously enough, Dr. Bailey made it a whole three weeks before we received a group GIF text from him of a train barrelling off the tracks. The next photo sent was of an In-N-Out. He caved to a Double Double. The day he gave in was in the middle of two dates selected by two different dental offices. Yet ANOTHER challenge needed to be created to determine a tie-breaker. What could be better than a MEAT eating contest?!? The next challenge was how many pieces of bacon he could eat in a minute. One office guessed 16, the other 30. How many pieces of bacon do YOU think he was able to down?

High School Highlights

We get a little jealous when we see our patients come to the office dressed up in all sorts of garb who have been participating in their Spirit Week at school.

So jealous, in fact, that here at Bailey Orthodontics, while many of our patients have Fall Break this week, we will be doing OUR very OWN Spirit Week!!! The best part? You can come in dressed for OUR Spirit Week and earn rewards points!!!

As a refresher from our posts on social media:


To prepare themselves for this week, we asked staff about their favorite memory from high school. Below were their responses:

Dr. Bailey: "I was in choir and was a baritone. I stood in the back row. My teacher couldn't see well so I would take an extra long lunch hour because he couldn't see whether or not I was there. I also loved Friday night football games and the excitement and energy that came with that." (He would neither confirm nor deny whether or not he made out with girls under the bleachers).

Liz: "Theatre class. Our teacher made us perform in front of other classes. This really forced me out of my comfort zone and was good for me."

Zhetannah: "I was always late coming back to school after lunch, but my teacher let me bribe him with Starbucks."

Alyssa: "In my Junior year of high school, I had a teacher, Mr. Satterfield, who loved celebrities. We went on numerous field trips to T.V. tapings, the Beverly Hills Mall, etc. in the hopes we might run into a star. We once saw 2Pac with his new puppy at the mall."

Karen: "Being involved with student council. We decorated for so many dances and I loved student council class because it was a nice break from the rest of high school classes."

Jen: "I have so many great memories with cheer. We had great unity, great school spirit, and long bus rides to our games where I was just happy getting to spend lots of time with my friends. Once I almost died from a piece of pom pom string getting lodged in my throat."

Haylee: "Greatest memory was in volleyball when I spiked a ball and it bounced off an opponents face."

Brenna: "Playing tennis. I enjoyed trying a new sport." (Currently a senior in high school).

Do you remember your best memory of high school? Let us know!

Smile! Let Us See Your Pink!


Looking for An Invisalign Premier Provider In Surprise, AZ?

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In comparison to standard orthodontic treatment, Invisalign offers patients a great deal of convenience, as the trays can be removed at mealtime so that you don’t have to forego your favorite foods while straightening your smile! Furthermore, it’s easier for patients to keep their smiles clean and healthy with Invisalign because there are no appliances blocking access to your gumline. Patients can brush and floss normally with Invisalign rather than using extra tools to navigate around archwires.

Additionally, Invisalign is easier on your smile’s appearance during treatment. You can smile with confidence, and it’s unlikely that a casual observer will even notice that you’re wearing the trays. You also can begin to see some progress in just a few months since you don’t have to wait for any appliances to be removed.

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Invisalign Special Event

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