Expose On Bailey Orthodontics


Let me preface, Dr. Bailey is unaware I'm writing this blog article. Controlling content is one of those accessing privileges you get when you're in marketing and are in charge of platforms and possess all the necessary passwords. Therefore, at times I take liberties and either get the "thatta girl!!" pat on the back or I'm reluctantly asking for forgiveness with my head hung at the altar of his desk. Crossing my fingers it isn't the latter.

For nearly 4 years, I've had the opportunity to run the social media platforms for Bailey Orthodontics including our website, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest (yes, we have a Pinterest account), and other community platforms. It's a lot of responsibility and requires much restraint for a low filter girl such as myself. It's like owning the keys to the kingdom and resisting inviting all your friends over to party.

As I silently survey individuals on some of these platforms who are searching for an orthodontist, I seek for reasons people select the orthodontists they do. I've come to understand there are two main criteria points- cost of service and quality. Some consumers are always searching for the lowest price point while others are willing to pay higher prices for a desired personalized, quality experience. If you're looking for the lowest price, I guarantee that Bailey Orthodontics isn't going to win that race, but we WILL win the competition for the quality of your experience. Let me explain why quality should be the focus and it isn't due to greed.

As an orthodontist, if you want to compete for lowest prices, there will always be sacrifices made to ensure prices stay at their lowest. It may be through cheaper, more unreliable materials and supplies. The sacrifice could be in the quality of hired staff. Lower salaries carry greater turnover, sometimes less care for the job, and a lower morale due to overall dissatisfaction with working conditions. The worst sacrifice can be in patient care and experience. This is where I've seen patients become "just a number" entering and exiting through a revolving door- because to make up cost difference, more patients need to be seen.

On the flip side, if you don't lead the competition by being the lowest price, then you need to have something equally important to compete with. This is where Bailey Orthodontic's strives to dominate, with quality. I have come to learn that if you compete for lowest prices, you will always be looking to cut internal costs and ultimately lowering standards. With quality, you will always be looking at how to make your practice, skills, technology, and patient experience better. It's the only way to compete when you work with a boss who refuses to cut any corners or lower standards. Performance can only go up and never down because without quality, we don't have anything to compete with since we know we aren't the lowest priced. It's the difficult route, but it's the right one. It isn't about greed, it's about respecting the profession and our patients in the best possible way. To make the not so pleasant experience of braces a great and memorable one with an amazing outcome of a more confident smile.

My brain and eyes are carefully selective in what I want to showcase to the world about the inner workings of Bailey Orthodontics. If you follow any of our content, you'll notice I don't focus on dental terms, or video Dr. Bailey banding or debanding patients, the girls placing elastics, or how we handle our calls with insurance, etc. I focus on relationships, Dr. Bailey's personal life, the product itself (our patients), our staff and the unified team we are. Daily, our staff go above and beyond on behalf of patients due to appreciation and the pride they have in their job. This isn't "creative marketing" I push, it’s what I witness here each and every day.

Bailey Orthodontics is a great place to come to get your teeth aligned because you don't just get your teeth aligned, you get the heart of us. Choose quality, because you deserve it and we strive for it. You’re more than a number here, you become family.