Our Team

Financial/insurance  Coordinator

Michele has been working in the dental industry since 1983 and has worked at Bailey Orthodontics since 2010. Michele has three dogs: Duke, Colt, and Rusty. She’s lived in Arizona most her life, but was born in the Philippines. One day she hopes to skydive and see a Broadway show in New York City. Michele’s retirement consists of squealing tires away from the office in a ’67 red Ford Mustang with Tom Selleck. Michele is tucked away in the back of the office working tirelessly with financials and insurance companies.  She is always helpful to answer questions you may have and be your advocate. The patients are what she loves most about Bailey Orthodontics.

Treatment Coordinator

Alyssa has been in the dental field since 2011 and has been at Bailey Orthodontics since 2012. She is originally from Southern California, but has been living in Surprise & Peoria since 2001. Alyssa is married, has 4 children and Shih Tzu, Rubie. Alyssa is an avid documentary watcher and has been a Grammy seat filler. She enjoys traveling, the outdoors, the beach, mountains, yoga, hunting trips with her husband, trips to Rocky Point, and is a foodie. She would love to travel to Tahiti, Thailand, and Vietnam. Her favorite movie is “Steel Magnolias.” One day, Alyssa will have a new Ford Bronco, convertible Rolls Royce or Maserati GranTurismo.  Her favorite thing about Bailey Orthodontics: “I love seeing patients grow and connecting with them.”

Marketing Coordinator

Jen lived and worked in the dental industry in Southern California for 6 years until moving to Arizona in 2001. Jen has been with Bailey Orthodontics since 2016. She fell in love and married a surfer boy and they have 2 children. Her passion is the beach, attending concerts and hockey games, trying new restaurants, serving in the community, and masterminding practical jokes. One day Jen would love to travel the world and would like to improve her piano skills. Her favorite movie is “Just Friends.” She will need a few paper routes to get her Aston Martin Vanguish.  Jen's favorite thing about Bailey Orthodontics: “I love coming to work, and it not feeling like work. These girls are like sisters to me and Dr. Bailey is like the annoying brother, who is nice to have around from time to time. I enjoy promoting and marketing Bailey Orthodontics because I truly believe Dr. Bailey to be the best orthodontist in the business.”

Lead Clinical Assistant

Haylee has been with Bailey Orthodontics since 2017, but was an intern a year prior. She is currently also in school to become a dental hygienist. She is native Arizonan and loves spending time with my family. She enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, and anything outdoors. She is also a skilled volleyball player and is a ‘lefty.’ Her favorite movies are “Young Guns” and “Primal Fear.” When she retires, or marries rich Haylee will be driving a ’69 Camaro or Toyota Tacoma. Her favorite thing about Bailey Orthodontics: “It’s a great place to work because of our staff. We're professional, yet like to have fun and include our patients in the fun and daily happenings of our lives.”

Clinical Technician

Shelby has been with Bailey Orthodontics since 2018. She is currently a part time student and trying to figure out what she wants to do when she grows up. Shelby enjoys camping, boating and the outdoors. She spends time raising her dog, Waylon, a Goldendoodle. She would love to go to Paris one day. She hates scary movies and is the only person over the age of 18 who hasn’t seen “The Lion King.” *gasp* One day when she figures it all out, Shelby wants to drive a white Jeep Wrangler. Why does she enjoy working for Bailey Orthodontics? “I love the atmosphere and how fun it is.”

Schedule coordinator

Jessica has been in the orthodontic field since 2001 and has been at Bailey Orthodontics since October 2019.  She relocated to Surprise, AZ from Michigan in 2008.  Jessica is married, has two children and a mini Australian shepherd.  She enjoys the beach, sunsets and trips to Germany and Michigan to visit family.  Her dream car is a red '72 Chevelle SS.  Jessica's favorite thing about Bailey Orthodontics:  "I love how friendly Dr. Bailey and the staff are.  The atmosphere is inviting and genuine."



Jazmen is new to the dental field and is currently in school to become a dental hygienist. Born in Iowa, but has been in Arizona since she was 2 years old. She’s a mom…to a golden doodle named Macy. She loves traveling, shopping, and being outdoors. She’d love to go to Bali, drive an Aston Martin, and spend her money at Nordstroms. Her favorite color is blue, and watch out! She has Bieber fever.


New to Bailey Orthodontics and is excited about starting a new career in ortho. From Virginia but has been in Surprise since 2013. Married with a daughter and 3 cats. Lover of everything sports, fitness and health. Fitness competitor and former martial arts instructor. Enjoys traveling to any place with a beach and would love to travel to Europe. Favorite movies are the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy's. Dream truck is a lifted loaded white double cab Tundra. Favorite thing about working at Bailey Orthodontics is, "working with an amazing team that feels like family."


Born in 2011, Vader does not have any prior experience in an office environment.  He joined Bailey Orthodontics in 2018.  Vader was born in Waddell, Arizona and lives with his sister, Oreo.  In his spare time, Vader enjoys licking his paws, begging for snacks, hunting wildlife, peeing on bushes, and getting attention.   His dream car would be anything with soft cloth interior and big windows.  Vader's favorite thing about Bailey Orthodontics:  "I love going to work with my dad every day, and get upset if he leaves me at home.  I love all my friends there and especially helping those who may not be comfortable in a dental chair, feel a little more like they are in a safe, loving, home environment.