Choice and Consequence


There are two things we Americans value and protect: time and money. We seek to purchase goods for the least amount/best value for our money while also maximizing the most of our time. All of us here at Bailey Orthodontics value time and money just as much as anyone else. We all have busy family lives and are living on a budget. We've often shared with one another deals we've discovered and praise one another for our bargain finds and time savers. A common consequence, though, was while at the time we felt the high of feeling we outsmarted the system, it was often at the expense of sacrificing quality and in the end costing more time and money.

If there is one thing we are passionate about, it's orthodontics. We know and have seen individuals who have/had quality ortho care and unfortunately see many re-treats, as they come to us to correct prior or current ortho that is subpar. There's a new trend in orthodontics: at-home care going direct through a distributer. While these companies advertise lower prices and time saved by not having regularly scheduled appointments, consumers need to be aware of what they could be sacrificing in the process. For example, most of these companies offer a money back guarantee...but in the small print, the money back guarantee is only for the impression themselves not for the entire treatment.

Dr. Bailey knows everyone needs to make their own decision on how they choose to go about their orthodontic treatment, but strongly encourages individuals do their homework and learn all the possible consequences. Recently the AAO (American Association of Orthodontics) released a consumer alert regarding at-home treatments. They have listed a section of questions they recommend the consumer asking before starting any orthodontic treatment. You can find the consumer alert and list of questions by clicking here. If you are doing research and would like the recommendation of a board certified orthodontist, Dr. Bailey always offers a complimentary consultation.

Bailey Orthodontics Team