This Valentine's Day, Live Happily EverSmile


Whether you're planning a romantic night with your significant other or going out on the town with the girls, we know looking good on Valentine's Day is a must! If you're getting ready for Valentine's Day next week and want a kissable smile under your clear aligners, Bailey Orthodontics has the perfect solution for you! We recommend using EverSmile White Foam to keep your teeth fresh, clean, and sparkling white.

What is EverSmile White Foam?
EverSmile White Foam is the only aligner cleaner you wear all day long that cleans and gradually whitens your teeth, all while keeping your breath minty fresh. Using EverSmile White Foam is easy, just pump the foam into your clear aligners and pop the trays into your mouth. You can use EverSmile all day, up to four times a day. It kills bacteria while whitening your teeth.

Pick up your EverSmile White Foam at Bailey Orthodontics in Surprise, Arizona and start whitening your teeth just in time for Valentine's Day!