Brace Your Elfs...For Our Worst Christmas Stories


We've all experienced it. Christmases that didn't go quite as planned. Bailey Orthodontics staff is no exception. Each of us have had our not so fond memories of this holiday and are sharing them today. So, if this year doesn't live up to the hype, remember, you're not alone.

Dr. Bailey: 2 years ago, I was on a 16-hour flight to Australia. I was suffering on the double decker plane with food poisoning. I demanded no other passenger use the lavatory which became my permanent seat for the remaining 7 hours. I did not have my seatbelt fastened nor was I in an upright position.

Haylee: When I was little, I got a remote control plane as a Christmas gift. I was so excited. My dad wanted to open it and use it immediately. He flew it and got it stuck on the roof. It was never seen again. I never even got to play with it.

Zhetannah: Used green's a long story.

Liz: My husband bought me some bras for Christmas. They were really nice, but I opened them up in front of my entire family including my husband's brothers and other in-laws. Awkward.

Alyssa: In 7th grade, all I wanted for Christmas that year was a No Fear brand hooded sweatshirt. That year, my brother got everything he wanted and the one thing I wanted, the one thing I was sure I would receive- I didn't get. I ended up taking my own money and purchasing it.

Michele: My mom would take me shopping to pick out my own clothes for Christmas. So, not only did I know what my presents would be, I was even forced to wrap them myself and act surprised when I opened them.

Karen: My grandma feels a need to always send me something she has knitted for Christmas. I have a box in my closet of beanies, hats and scarves. Grandma, I live in Arizona.

Jen: Bailey Orthodontics Christmas Party 2017. Dr. Bailey will bring amazing gifts wrapped for us to bid on auction style to win. Last bid of the evening, I'm $90 in, I eagerly open my coveted prize and receive...a puzzle. A measly $10 Costco puzzle.

Brenna: My brother and I once got a dog for Christmas. The dog never came to us and only sat outside and barked. My Christmas memory that year was our parents getting us a dog that wanted nothing to do with us.

Share with us your not so fond Christmas memory!
Happy Holiday's!