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Bailey Orthodontics: Traditionally Untraditional


Happy Thanksgiving to our patients, friends, families and community! This holiday presents the perfect opportunity to remember and express what we are grateful for. We asked the girls and Dr. Bailey to share what they were thankful for, getting very similar answers: family, friends, health. The Typical traditional answers. So we decided to share our untraditional things we are grateful for... luxuries the average American takes for granted each and every day.

Michele--- Days off and men in uniform.

Zhetannah--- Fake eyelashes, squats, and Game of Thrones.

Karen--- Thrifty ice cream while watching Netflix.

Brenna--- Spark notes and vacations where your parents pay the bills.

Alyssa--- Free H.B.O. and Costco Samples.

Jen--- McDonald's Coke and a good sound system.

Haylee---Nail salons.

Liz--- Coupons, especially buy one, get one frees.

Dr. Bailey--- Golf clubs that help me hit straight.

Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving and be grateful for the big AND little things in life.


The Staff at Bailey Orthodontics