How Long Will I Be in Braces?


Are we there yet? How much longer? Til I say so! Actually, that is partially the correct answer. Everyone is unique and no case is the same, which is why it is so important to see a Board Certified Orthodontist. Dr. Bailey completed 4 years of dental school and then an additional 2 years in orthodontics focusing on the growth, development, and movement of teeth. There is a science to moving teeth in a very prescribed way. When you come for an exam, he will use a visual exam of the teeth as well as cutting edge technology from our iCAT 3-D imaging to find the best treatment plan for YOU as an individual. The average for most individuals is 2 years, but many times, if you are a 5 star ortho patient (meaning doing your part of compliance in the prescribed treatment plan) this time can be lessened to as little as 18 months! So in reality, the time in braces or Invisalign is dependant on you and I, working together as a team.