Dr. Bailey: A Biography of a Very Temporary Vegan

It's a well known fact around the office, Dr. Bailey has been on more diets than Star Wars and Harry Potter movies made...combined. So, when we walked in the office January 8th to the big announcement that "I've gone vegan," the jokes went flying. Don't worry, they were well deserved. Anytime someone decides to take up a new diet plan here in the office, he heckles. Immediately, dates were predicted of how long he would make it with the longest being three days. To add a little pressure to him we thought we would let a few referring dental offices in on the predictions with the promise that whoever came closest to the day he fell off the wagon, Dr. Bailey would supply lunch.


Miraculously enough, Dr. Bailey made it a whole three weeks before we received a group GIF text from him of a train barrelling off the tracks. The next photo sent was of an In-N-Out. He caved to a Double Double. The day he gave in was in the middle of two dates selected by two different dental offices. Yet ANOTHER challenge needed to be created to determine a tie-breaker. What could be better than a MEAT eating contest?!? The next challenge was how many pieces of bacon he could eat in a minute. One office guessed 16, the other 30. How many pieces of bacon do YOU think he was able to down?

For inquiring minds, we have video coverage:


Dr. Bailey vs. Bacon Challenge

In all seriousness, we are proud of him for making it a whole three weeks. Dr. Bailey went vegan because his wife challenged him to go vegan with the family. Overall, he said he had more energy and generally overall felt his health was better. The hardest part? He's a foodie and going to restaurants was difficult when he saw other options on the menu he would've much rather eaten. His favorite was the Vegan Fried Rice at Saigon Kitchen and said the hardest thing to go without was eggs and dairy. The Double Double? He said tasted phenominal and was worth the stomach pains. His advice for someone contemplating going vegan: try vegetarian first and ease into it.