Are You Ready For Spring Sports?


Spring break has passed and once again our patients are ready to begin the spring sports season! April is National Facial Protection month and because many of our patients are active athletes in the Surprise, Arizona area, the staff at Bailey Orthodontics encourages spring sports safety. Whether you’re an athlete, coach, or parent we want to remind everyone to play it safe during organized sports to help prevent serious facial injuries that can take the fun out of the game.

Here are 4 pieces of equipment you can add to your sports bag to stay safe during the sports season.

1. Remember to wear a mouth guard. A mouth guard is less expensive than an injury, and not painful to your mouth or wallet. Keep your smile safe and prevent your orthodontic appliances from injury by habitually wearing a mouth guard during sports.

2. Wear a helmet when needed. Helmets can greatly prevent damage to the head so be sure to always wear one when necessary.

3. Protective eyewear can make a difference. Keep your 20/20 vision with sports eyewear that will keep your vision clear and your game at its best.

4. Face shields may be necessary. If you are a hockey, football, or baseball player face shields can prevent severe damage to your face.

For more information on facial protection, ask Dr. Bailey or a staff member at Bailey Orthodontics. We are conveniently located in Buckeye and Surprise, Arizona.